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Wearing A Lace Closure made you beautiful

Fortunately thanks to lace weave closures achieving a more realistic and perfect blend will not result in your hair becoming too thin and break off. lace closure an oblong or circle shaped hair piece usually made of lace that is attached to a cornrow base and then secured around the perimeter to give the appearance of hair coming out your head.

Check out Icool hair Top 5 reasons why you should choose for a lace closure when rocking your next install:

1.Texture Isn’t An Issue: Closure pieces come in every texture you could possible think from Silky Straight remy to Afro-Curly Mongolian. So let your hair down and experiment with different textures that you usually shy away from due to the difficulty of trying to create that perfect blend.

2.Versatile Parting: If you invest in a quality lace base closure be ready to fool the world into thinking your weave is nature. Lace base closures are designed with medium density and bleached knots to give off the appearance of a natural scalp. Also, allowing you the option to part anywhere on the closure, as well as pull your hair off your face while still creating the effect of a natural hairline.

3.Ideal Color: Ladies with the closure piece you no longer have to worry about damaging your real strands trying to color match your weave to your leave out. Although most lace closures come in natural black and natural brown, the closure itself still has the cuticle in tact, giving you the ability to chemically lighten or darken it to your desired color without causing any damage to your weave or real hair.

4.Low Maintenance: We can’t think of anything else more low maintenance than being able to protect your strands while having absolute styling versatility. Besides the normal cleansing of your hair and scalp every 1-2 weeks, and everyday styling and maintaining, adorning a closure requires very little to no maintenance depending on how you install it. Simply wrap your hair like or wear a bonnet at night and you should be all set!

5.Perfect Protective Style: The sole fact that your hair is completely braided and protected underneath your weave and closure allows for optimum protective styling. Allowing your crown the break it needs from everyday wear and tear such as flat-ironing, product build-up, excessive styling, sun damage, etc. Like the rest of your temple, sometimes your hair just needs a break!

How to Achieve Maximum Success with Providers

Enjoy A High Speed Internet Connection In Rural Areas

We are very fortunate to live in a world where technology never stops improving. Today, the internet is probably the best gift given to us by technology. The internet is a huge advantage to both our work and our lives in general. We can enjoy so much from the internet, from watching television shows and movies to finding online jobs. Through dating websites and social media websites, the internet even gave us new companions and friends. The internet is really life-changing.

However, a lot of rural areas are unable to enjoy the internet due to poor connection. The good thing is that in every problem, there is always a solution. Because of the technology we have today, it is now possible to enjoy high speed internet despite being in a remote area.

Listed below are some of your options to enjoy high speed internet connection in rural areas.
Lessons Learned from Years with Options

1. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) internet
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This type of internet connection uses a DSL modem. Phone companies in rural areas make a lot of profit offering this kind of service, their subscribers can enjoy an internet speed of up to 3mbps. The speed will rely on your personal choice as well as the service of your chosen company. The good thing is that it is very fast given the fact that you are in a rural area and you can get it for a very affordable price. It is also very flexible, you can adjust the price depending on your speed preference.

2. Through satellite internet

If you cannot find a company offering a DSL connection, try to search for several companies who provide a satellite internet connection. Companies who offer this service will be placing a receiving dish in your home in order to connect to a satellite in orbit. You will be enjoying a fast internet speed but will have problems whenever the weather is bad. Although the price for a satellite internet connection is higher than a DSL connection, it’s speed is a lot faster.

3. Dial-up internet

This is definitely one of the oldest way to connect to the internet but it can prove it’s worth. This is very popular because the price is very affordable. If you are not looking to use the internet often, you can manage well with it’s 56kb per second speed.

4. Internet via a mobile broadband

Because cellphones are widely used today, it can now offer high speed internet connections. Just get a USB broadband or a WiFi adapter and you are set to go. The speed is very fast despite the fact that it would rely on the coverage area of your network provider. Because of the 4G networks, we are no longer hindered to enjoy the internet even if we are staying in rural areas.

Contact your nearest internet service provider today and enjoy your high speed internet connection.